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January 24 2018

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Take Excellent Care of Skin

The skin is not only the largest organ in the body, it is the first line of defense against infection, pollution, chemicals, and disease. It is ironic that people are diligent about taking care of internal organs, only to use artificial preservatives, harsh chemicals, and synthetic ingredients on the external one. Read the label the next time a shampoo, shaving cream, lotion, or soap is purchased. Are all the ingredients easy to pronounce? Can customers determine exactly what is in the bottle?


Chances are, unless the customer happens to be a chemist or scientist, most people will have no idea what they are outing on their skin on a daily basis. Many reach for the cheapest brand on the department store shelf because any product will clean the hair or body. These same people cannot seem to understand why their skin becomes dry, the scalp itches, or the face has pimples on it.

Affordable All-Natural Skin Care

There are alternatives to the mass-produced inferior products people use every day. Average people dismiss them because many are expensive. A bit of research will inform consumers that high-quality natural products are affordable, depending where they are found. Some skin care manufacturers, such as c & co., sell products directly to customers to cut out all the overhead costs associated with transportation and distribution. That makes excellent products affordable for typical household budgets.

Products can be found online and at one physical location. They are all made in the United States and contain no genetically modified organisms (GMOs), fillers, detergents, petrochemicals, or artificial preservatives. Products, which as not tested on animals, do contain plant-based raw and organic ingredients. These are made in hand crafted small batches to control consistency and quality.

Product Lines

Product lines include face creams, serums, scrubs, and exfoliates. Body products range from baby diaper balm to astringents and shampoos. Moisturizers, shaving creams, soy candles, solid scents, and artisan soaps are available as well. While online, browse the c & co., site to discover exactly what ingredients are used and why. Taking excellent care of the skin is not expensive or difficult.

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